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Watch Jersey Shore Season 1 Online

jersey shoreJersey Shore has already made headlines for being a highly controversial show.  The reality show airs on MTV and examines eight Italian Americans living and vacationing on various Jersey Shore destinations, specifically Seaside Heights.  Each cast member is required to work shifts at a local boardwalk t-shirt store and in return they can live in a local Shore residence.  Any failure to comply with their store’s boss results in eviction from the house.  Most of the show’s interaction is centered around house life and partying.

The show is controversial because it plays on the stereotype of the guido, slang for Italian Americans.  The show has resulted in criticism from groups such as the National Italian American Foundation.  MTV claims that they are documenting various subcultures and rites of passages of young people.  But from MTV’s perspective, the more controversial the better.  As the old adage goes, bad press is better than no press.  MTV really tries to go for a home run when it comes to the shock factor, and to hear the things that come out of these peoples’ mouths are appaling.

Jersey Shore airs on MTV at 10 pm on Thursdays.  If you miss any of the brawling, bad-mouthing, Italian-charged show, you can watch (or rewatch) episodes at the following sites:

Places to Watch Jersey Shore Season 1 Online:
    The official site and only way to catch all the latest episodes of Jersey Shore as well as other MTV documentaries.  So far only three episodes have aired and all three are uploaded to the site along with bonus clips.
    While Sling doesn’t carry full episodes, it does feature clips and previews of upcoming shows.

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